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At ValorBPS, we specialize in Strategic Business Pursuit Solutions, focusing on the Ocean Technology, Energy, and Aerospace & Defense sectors. Our team brings a wealth of experience to fuel your business growth.

Empowering Your Strategic Growth in Ocean Tech, Energy, and Defense

Customizing business plans and operational methodologies to ensure businesses efficiently navigate market complexities and stay ahead.

Identifying and nurturing valuable business prospects through market analysis, targeted outreach, and relationship building.

As strategic liaisons, we participate in industry conferences to connect with key players, focusing on fostering collaboration and growth opportunities in our sectors.

Ocean & Marine

At ValorBPS, we represent groundbreaking ocean technology products, including subsea innovations, USVs, and advanced sensors. Our portfolio drives significant advancements in the blue economy, bolstering marine exploration and industry growth. Through these cutting-edge technologies, ValorBPS is at the forefront of enhancing how we understand and interact with our oceans, paving the way for sustainable and efficient marine operations.


In the evolving energy sector, ValorBPS is instrumental in representing advanced technologies. These innovations are key to enhancing the sector's efficiency and sustainability. Our role includes advocating for these technologies, crucial in shaping smarter and cleaner energy strategies, and aligning with global sustainability objectives.

Aerospace & Defense

At ValorBPS, we contribute to the defense sector by synergizing with Ocean Tech advancements, representing technologies that enhance global security. Our focus encompasses advanced military tech, strategic innovations, and unmanned systems, facilitating improved surveillance and communication. These offerings not only bolster defense capabilities but also enhance operational efficiency, reflecting our commitment to supporting a secure and technologically advanced defense landscape.

Our Clients

At ValorBPS, we are proud to partner with a diverse array of clients across the Ocean Tech, Energy, and Defense sectors. Our clients range from innovative startups to established industry leaders, all sharing a common goal of strategic growth and market impact.

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These brands trust ValorBPS. You can too.

Our clients range from innovative startups to established industry leaders, all sharing a common goal of strategic growth and market impact.

Reach Systems

Reach Systems provides innovative solutions for cable storage and deployment in various systems, including ROVs and camera systems. They specialize in cable handling and confined space services, encompassing engineering, manufacturing, and project management. Their Artemis Cameras, compact and versatile, are ideal for remote inspections, safety monitoring, and subsea applications, offering high-resolution video, lowlight performance, and a wide field of view. These cameras are well-suited for robotic systems and confined space operations.

Shift Coastal Technologies

Shift Coastal Technologies specializes in IoT-enabled autonomous platforms, such as the OceanSled® series, designed for high-risk, near-shore operations. These multi-mission uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) are equipped with a range of payloads and sensors for maritime tasks. Their integrations feature advanced sensors, visual-spectrum and infrared cameras, air quality monitors, and water sampling kits, enabling swift, high-quality data collection for enhanced operational response and decision-making in maritime environments.

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc. offers a range of products for data collection in oceanography. Their offerings include Lab-on-Chip (LOC) sensors like the A1000 Phosphate sensor, an environmental DNA sampler, and an Alkalinity Sensor. Additionally, they provide various platforms, available either as sub-components or as complete turnkey systems with winches, cables, V-Wings, sensors, and software. They specialize in towed stable depressors suitable for carrying a wide range of oceanographic sensors, catering to diverse applications in marine data collection.


RemoteCon excels in developing modular subsea-rated battery and navigation modules, essential for Blue Tech applications. RemoteCon's commitment to innovation is showcased in their precision sensors and the modularity of their products, making them a key player in advancing underwater exploration and technology.

Nano Technologies Inc

The NANO™ series, offered by NTI, represents a leap in filtration technology, featuring nanofiber media for superior removal of sub-micron contaminants. With greater efficiency and strength compared to conventional filters, NANO™ is known for its high flow, durability, and cost-effective operation. It's an industry favorite in sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Extractives, and Manufacturing, providing reliable, long-term performance for diverse applications.

Seamor Marine

SEAMOR ROVs have been designed with an engineering philosophy of modularity. This allows customers to select from a wide range of accessories and upgrades that can be added on to any of SEAMOR’s three flagship vehicles:The Steelhead - A compact vehicle able to dive to 300 meters);
The Chinook - A powerful mid-weight vehicle with HD capability, able to dive to 600 meters;
The Mako - A large, open-bay ROV with heavy payload).

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© 2024 ValorBPS. All rights reserved.